You Deserve Safe Clean Housing. Check Out the Latest Info on Section 8 Now!

Did you know that Section 8 has been around here in the United States since 1937? It's still going strong, and it has a remarkable history. If you or someone you know is struggling to find decent housing and needs financial assistance with rent, keep reading along for the newest trends regarding this wonderful program.

Thank You, President Roosevelt

First, it's important to see why the Housing Act of 1937 came about. Things looked bleak across the country, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt decided in his second presidential term to do something about it. During his Inaugural Address, he mentioned that one-third of the nation was "ill-housed, ill-clad and ill-nourished." Behind the scenes, FDR worked with lawmakers and his administrative officials to help establish the United States Housing Authority (USHA).

FDR said that every family had the right to a decent home. Section 8 was part of the new law, which authorized the payment of rental housing assistance to private landlords on behalf of low-income households.

It's the Housing Choice Voucher Program

Today, Section 8 is known also as the Housing Choice Voucher Program. It is available to families as well as individuals. If you receive a Housing Choice Voucher, then the federal government will pay for a large portion of your rent. There are millions of Americans participating in Section 8 housing, but there can be waiting lists. If you are homeless, live and work locally or are disabled, elderly or a domestic violence survivor, you will be moved to the top priority of a waiting list.

Submit Your Application Before School Starts Up

Experts in Section 8 are recommending that you take action now in August to submit your application for the housing program. Affordable housing options could become slimmer as this is the time kids go back to school. Avoid the mad rush.

How do you apply?

Go online here, or call your local Public Housing Agency.

Then, wait for approval. After that, the local housing authority will invite you to attend an interview.

The agency will request additional details about your household, income and relevant factors.

Receiving a Voucher; Now What's Next?

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to get voucher approval for Section 8 housing. Once you receive the voucher, you have an advantage. For instance, Section 8 housing grants you, the tenant, great flexibility. You now have the freedom to choose your own housing and exercise greater control over your personal living arrangements.

There is no limit on how long you and/or your family can reside in Section 8 housing. However, if the size of your family increases or you have a change in your income, these factors could determine your eligibility for the voucher program. These changes should be reported to your local housing authority. They will review your information to determine if adjustments need to be made to your rental subsidy.

Protect Yourself From Housing Scams; They're Out There

Most folks are decent and honest in this world, but there are some who enjoy taking advantage of vulnerable individuals and families. Watch out for housing scams. For example, never pay anyone to fill out a Section 8 application for you. This is a free service. Paying someone will not speed up the application process.

A number of fake Section 8 websites are out there asking for credit cards or wire transfers. Guard yourself against fraud. The U.S. Housing and Urban Development website is the legitimate source for your housing needs. It is a tremendous source that has an abundance of information regarding Section 8 housing and the vouchers you're looking for.

A social worker or members of the local housing authority are the types of trusted representatives you can share personal data with. Your Social Security number is not something you should be freely sharing with random people.

If you believe that you have been a victim of a Section 8 housing scam, notify your local housing authority. Or file a complaint here at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Did you know that more than 80% of households under Section 8 subsidized housing earn less than $20,000 per year? If you are interested in applying for Section 8 housing, act now. Don't let this historic program pass you by. Good luck, and here's hoping you gain swift approval.

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